Prediction: global LED the market value of about $14.95 bill

2014 market demand than expected, LED backlight and lighting to LED the decline of the average price of grain and encapsulating all, market forecast, overall economic growth as the global fatigue, high brightness LED the market value of about $14.95 billion in 2016, the year growth of 3%, and even in the next five years LED industry compound annual growth rate will not be easy to appear as ever more than 10% of the growth, industry growth will enter a steady phase.

Research firm, estimates 2015 global high brightness LED the market value of $14.52 billion, annual growth of only 2%, while LED lighting demand rising, and a lot to replace traditional lighting applications, but exceeds the demand in the average unit price decline LED up to 30 ~ 40%, companies face losses, especially in the second half of the present more diving down, some specifications price has came to the water level of the cost of materials, even though in the short term LED faces are continuing pressure, but the price has been close to the production cost of many manufacturers, after pulling out of the market is expected as more and more manufacturers, the future price of space will hopefully gradually reduced.

Global LED by companies, and also mentioned a similar view, estimates that in 2016 LED industry overall shipments will be 2 ~ 3 years growth, industrial environment is still grim, so conversion for production, in 2016 only 5% of the global LED market overall slight growth.

The industry believe that LED lighting to DiJiaHua trend has been difficult to reverse, as the illuminant of type of replacement products, such as LED bulbs and tubes specifications gradually standardized, combined with various lighting brands, actively promote the LED ball steep light most of the countries in 2015 retail price has been close to the price of traditional energy-saving lamps, lighting manufacturers in 2016 is expected to last for lower cost solution, in addition to the LED drive power supply and other components, is also one of the price cut space of whole system, due to the manufacturers hope that through the retail price of cheap and expand product sales to increase market share, is expected to replace type light source products will be a lot of popularity in the 3 years.

In LED backlight application part, Korea LED manufacturers since 2015 has to import the flip chip LED technology to the TV field of LED backlight, Korean TV brand in 2016 is expected to flip chip LED back light, is used in great quantities in the research institute estimates, flip chip LED technology in TV LED backlight permeability will increase to more than 50% in 2017.

Days of October will be officially production latest Flip Chip LED products "installed directly Chip (Direct Mountable Chip)", is expected to jump shipments will present three level in 2016, although there are more and more manufacturers into, but as a result of Flip Chip LED technology development, yield and cost of production, only a handful of firms will Flip Chip LED (Flip Chip LED technology as a main products, days and also singled out a few days ago, now a few crystal electric is a LED factory do better in the Flip Chip LED technology, the crystal electric has will Flip Chip LED process extends to the packaging technology, is also one of the few Direct supply Flip Chip LED products to samsung companies of Taiwan industry.

According to the industry, is the price competition is intense, many recent LED manufacturers began to transform, or through merger and acquisition means across other areas, in order to get rid of the red sea market bargain competition, compared to the LED industry in Taiwan in 2015 share price performance, LED factory in succession by mainland stock market financing and government financial support, overseas merger and acquisition form an action, and targeting international LED patent companies and lighting brand, by reinforcing its patents and overseas sales channels, will become a notable trend in the future.