Foreign mergers and Acquisitions: U.S. Nitek acquisition of

South Carolina to province, Columbia Province, 230-355nm wavelength LED (deep ultraviolet) DUV devices and module manufacturers sensor electronics technology Co., Ltd. (SETi) recently acquired the same province LED UV developers and manufacturers Nitek company's business sector. It is reported that the two complementary companies after the merger of the company will become the world's most cost-effective and largest LED UV developers and manufacturers.
Nitek company was founded in 2004, the development of cost-effective and high capacity LED UV manufacturing technology, and SETi technology, which is complementary to the formation of LED, which helps to achieve the highest performance of the industry's lowest cost of production.
"The acquisition will increase the DUV SETi epitaxial film production capacity, but also brings a more cost-effective technology." Lakios SETi, President and CEO of Emmanuel, said. "The end result is that it can reduce the cost of water and disinfection, and other cost sensitive markets, the use of time." He added.
As part of the deal, SETi will become the exclusive distributor of UV LED Viosys in North America, South Korea, Seoul, to supply customers with the full range of LED to UVC UV UVA. In August, LED UV, Viosys, has acquired a majority stake in SETi (more than 50%). Seoul Viosys then decided to expand by the end of 2016 SETi 3 times LED UV capacity, the current annual production capacity of more than 1 SETi.

Author: Source: OFweek

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