Yantai coastal road lights change for new LED light source i

OFweek semiconductor lighting webex Yantai urban management bureau have tube has said, the binhai road lamp replacement work from 4, 9 is expected to complete all 216 sets of street lamp holder change jobs.

It is understood that the binhai road lamps have been working for nearly 13 years, has served "overage" category, change all the lamp holder for new LED light source. After the old lamp holder for the former 400 w, 250 w of sodium lamp, the new lamp holder is adopted after 350 w, 100 w combination before new LED light source, after transforming will greatly improve the binhai road lighting conditions. The upgraded at the same time to join half power operation technology, specific for the street lamp light at night after 5 hours, automatic into half power mode, energy saving save electricity greatly.

LiuChangChun director, said the binhai road road on both sides of the street lamp, on the side of the sea gull landscape lamp, on the other side for the fire the street lamp, the lamp holder of this assignment is to the street lamp change for the new LED lights. The binhai road from dongshan hotel, has been to the city, a total of 216 sets of all new.

Event review:

Public lighting, road lighting is dominated by the government. Because the LED has high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and long life characteristics, LED light source can take the lead in the road and tunnel lighting applications.

Compared with represented by high pressure sodium lamp tradition of street light, LED street lamp has many appears on and potential advantage. (1) the high light efficiency, low energy consumption; (2) the service life is long; (3) good color rendering; (4) fast start; (5) for optical design; (6) modelling plasticity, firm structure; (7) low carbon environmental protection, especially for the solar photovoltaic technology; (8) with potential total cost advantage.

Therefore, yantai move by the government in the aspect of energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection an important step. Not only provides citizens with good night travel conditions, at the same time, in the aspect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, and savings made a good example.


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